The Yuma Orchestra Association

We have a passion for music.

There is nothing like the feeling of playing and listening to live orchestral music:

It Invigorates and Refreshes the senses, Envelops and Transforms the soul, Engages and Uplifts to all who listen.

We truly believe that knowing live orchestral music by playing or experiencing it will help one see the world in a whole new way. A world where the music will transport you to another land, make you emotional from the passionate performance of romantic stories, or raise your spirit from a soundscape of glorious adventure.

The Yuma Orchestra Association (YOA) active since 1976, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) service organization. YOA has two main avenues in furtherance of its mission: Education/Outreach and Performances

Volunteers in YOA strive to nurture and cultivate the arts through classical string music in the Yuma area. It is a statistical fact that studying music can increase a child's IQ, promote self-esteem, and enhance one's quality of life. With this belief as our guide, YOA offers to string orchestra in the Yuma area: an extensive music library, an instrument loan program, tuition/lesson scholarships, education programs for students and conductors, a student mentoring program, physical and monetary support to performing ensembles, and the annual Celebration of Strings. The students active in the Yuma area string programs learn about responsibility, commitment, and teamwork.