String Ambassadors

The String Ambassadors class is for the highly motivated 7th-12th grade student who doesn't mind having a busy performing schedule.

String Ambassadors have performed in California and Arizona, but mostly in the Yuma area to promote the Yuma String programs. The requirements to become a String Ambassador are: audition, play in another Yuma orchestra class, take private music lessons, and wear the uniform with pride.

Currently, the Senior String Ambassadors has 20 players who attend various schools in the Yuma area. They were required to pass a playing audition and interview, and practice 30 minutes per day at least 100 days in a semester.

The days they have lessons and the days they have orchestra count towards their practice time. Through performing comes the experience to perfect their skills, so they are eager to play for your social function. Funds raised from performances are used to pay the expenses for their enrichment opportunities.

To request a performance, make a donation, or schedule an audition, contact Janet Jones by email